Introducing Julie Gautier

Welcome to the page dedicated to Julie Gautier, a multi-talented artist represented by our agency COM @ NICE.

This site is aimed at professionals wishing to collaborate with Julie on artistic and environmental projects.

A renowned freediver, visionary filmmaker, model, dancer and choreographer, Julie combines her varied skills to create unique works that raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the oceans.

Find out more about her exceptional career and outstanding achievements in this detailed presentation.

Julie Gautier, a versatile artist

Julie Gautier
  • Date of birth: November 19, 1979

  • Birthplace: Saint-Louis, La Réunion

  • Nationality: French

  • Place of residence: Nice, France

  • Activities: Freediver, director, model, dancer, choreographer

An outstanding sporting career

Julie Gautier discovered freediving at the age of 18, initiated by her father, a passionate underwater hunter.

She took part in her first world championships in Nice in 2000.

Her French freediving records in constant weight, reaching depths of -65 metres in 2006 and -68 metres in 2007, testify to her mastery and deep connection with the ocean.

His sporting career, marked by impressive records, laid the foundations for his future artistic explorations.

A transition to underwater art

After retiring from racing in 2009, Julie Gautier has devoted herself to an artistic and audiovisual career.

She creates captivating underwater films that convey poignant messages about the beauty and fragility of the oceans.

Her works, such as « Free Fall », « Narcose », « Ocean Gravity » and « Ama », illustrate her ability to blend art, nature and ecology.

Recent projects and ecological commitment

Julie Gautier continues to innovate with projects such as « One Breathe » and « Bakélite ».

« One Breathe » is an artistic and environmental initiative that fuses art, freediving and the preservation of the marine environment.

« Bakélite », a dreamlike film shot in Nice, deals with plastic pollution in the oceans and underlines Julie’s commitment to the environment.

Julie uses her fame to raise public awareness of environmental challenges and promote sustainability.

Julie Gautier Underwater

Julie Gautier’s prestigious collaborations

Julie Gautier has collaborated with renowned artists such as Beyoncé, Raphaël, Zazie and fashion designer Iris Van Herpen, bringing a unique visual dimension to their projects.

For example, the « Runnin' » clip by Naughty Boy feat. Beyoncé, which has accumulated over 456 million views, benefits from the emotional depth and underwater aesthetic beauty that Julie knows how to create.

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